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Another Free Site I Recommend for Free Leads

By Chris Groves

Getting leads is tough- I used to constantly struggle even bringing in 3 leads per day…

The harder part is getting “targeted” leads- meaning leads that actually want to join your business, but it’s not impossible.

I’m going to recommend another site my wife and I use: IboToolbox . IboToolbox has a ton of people just like you in other internet businesses and you’ll even find people there looking for a business to join.

The Pros:

  • Like-minded people just like you who actually enjoy the online business market
  • Less likely to hear :”is this a scam, is this a real business?”
  • Recruit people who already have a HUGE downline or team from another business.
  • Share videos, articles and web links to promote your business

The Cons:

  • People may try to recruit you to their opportunity.
  • The site is a bit difficult to navigate at first- a bit messy

That is really about it for the cons- You can really find some awesome results on this site. My recommendation is try it for a week and if you like it keep using it :)

Remember: There are plenty of places online to make connections and promote your business. Don’t try to Spam- provide value instead.

[Watch Video on IBOTOOLBOX]

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